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Major practice areas in Taekwondo are:

Meditation / Student Oath (Mooksang)
Meditation is for the purpose of concentration practice in order to focus the mind and body to work together for developing precision and maximum strength, visualizing goals and listening to the conscience for internalizing important truths  and moral standards.

Kicking Technique
Tae Kwon Do has various Kicking Techniques.  It’s hard to learn and takes time but students will learn from basic kicking techniques and principles by step by step approach.

Self-Defense - One Step Sparring / Blocks
It is the study of how to use an attacker’s strength or skill and weapons against him or her. The practitioner learns when, how, and where to attack an assailant using "pressure points" (areas of the body that when pressed cause intense pain), grappling  and joint-locking techniques and throws.

Form (Poomse)
Form(Poomse) is a series of movements of the various kicks, steps, blocks and techniques of Taekwondo which the practitioner perfects against an imaginary opponent(s). The performance of poomse develops concentration, balance, coordination and flexibility. The official form for competition shall be those recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation.

Sparring (Gyoroogi)
is the practical application of various forms against an actual opponent. In this type of
competition, cooperation, self-control, concentration, respect for yourself and your partner, speed, skilled technique, precision and confidence are the deciding factors. (Students will learn safely through a  step-by-step systematic method of gradually  learned sparring strategies -this is easy to learn and is a lot of fun).

Breaking Board Technique (Kyukpa)
is done to practice and illustrate the formidable power, precision, and great mental concentration of the TaeKwonDo practitioner. Bricks, rocks, boards, cement blocks, and such are broken since it is not feasible to use this sort of power on another person in everyday practice!

Black Belt Philosophy
Mental discipline as a Martial Artist including: Focus, Respect, Consistency,
Goal Setting, Self Control, Loyalty, Cooperation, Enthusiasm, Perseverance,Confidence,
Responsibility and Leadership

Korean Terminology
We use the Korean terms as techniques in class. The Korean terms are used
since Tae Kwon Do originated in Korea. Students need to learn the terminology  to advance in rank and they if they plan to join a competition.  In the Competition,  referees are trained to use only Korean. Most of this terminology will be taught from every class.